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15Hp 600mm Depth Digging Trencher(LZ-TR15)

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15Hp 600mm Depth Digging Trencher(LZ-TR15)
15Hp 600mm Depth Digging Trencher(LZ-TR15)
15Hp 600mm Depth Digging Trencher(LZ-TR15)
15Hp 600mm Depth Digging Trencher(LZ-TR15)
15Hp 600mm Depth Digging Trencher(LZ-TR15)




Short Introduction

To run cables in your garden for decorative lights or automatic garden gates excavators and tractors can cause big and expensive damage to your garden and paved areas.with is a powerful trench digger with a 15hp 4-stroke petrol engine. The trench digger will dig 10cm wide trenches up to 60cm deep to let you lay electric cables or garden watering systems in minutes without causing any damage.

It is powered by an extremely robust 420cc petrol engine with 15hp and E-starter.  Because of the durable yet leight weight design, the trench digger offers flexibility and independance for your jobs, even in difficult terrains.

garden trencher creates trenches of 10cm width and up to 60cm depth  and also removes smaller roots with ease. compact passage width of only 80cm for easy operation almost anywhere Trench digger has a digging chain with 10cm width and up to 60cm depth digging depth is adjustable in three levels 20 / 40 / 60cm excavated material is moved to the side by a spiral conveyor digging chain with 27 hardened and separately exchangeable digging teeth for efficient results ergonomic, adjustable operator handle for easy operation and transport of the trench digger
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1650x750x1220mm
weight 180kg
track width 760mm
tire size 145/70-6  35cm diameter
engine displacement 420ccm 1 cyl 4 stroke
performance 15hp
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